Research Themes

Research Themes

The SMART Infrastructure Facility contributes to infrastructure planning in Australia through truly independent research coupled with deep academic rigour to ensure policy-makers and industry receives high quality and timely advice on major projects.

SMART’s research is spread across four key research themes each featuring two focused research groups with our Enabling Platforms supporting each of these themes. SMART’s research significantly contributes to our academic and commercial impact.

SMART Research Theme Graphic

Research Themes & Groups

SMART Water & Energy Logo


SMART Water & Energy is dedicated to creating innovative and sustainable solutions to protect our environment from contamination, develop waste to energy pathways and secure affordable and reliable zero-carbon electricity supply.


SMART Systems & Logistics Logo 

SMART Systems & Logistics aims to provide in-depth analyses of intertwined supply chains and logistics in order to improve efficiencies, as well as sophisticated modelling frameworks to represent and emulate complex asset management systems in various industries.


SMART Cities & Transport Logo 

SMART Cities & Transport uses a wide range of tools, like modelling, optimisation, simulation and data analytics to create the cities of tomorrow by addressing the challenges of today.


 SMART Health & Education Logo      

SMART Health & Education draws on data, smart technologies, modelling and simulation techniques to support innovation and change in two of the fastest growing industry sectors in Australia today.



Enabling Platforms

SMART Data Analytics Lab Logo




The Data Analytics Lab develops novel approaches for decision-making problems, based on machine learning and optimisation methods. It also applies advanced analytics and optimisation to infrastructure systems, logistics and supply chains, healthcare, and emergency response management.

SMART Digital Living Lab Logo




The Digital Living Lab is a technology-agnostic innovation hub providing a testbed for a wide range of end-to-end Internet of Things projects.

SMART Advanced Simulation Lab Logo




The Advanced Simulation Lab aims to improve processes, methods and tools for decision making in complex and uncertain domains where stakeholders have differing perspectives, or no optimal solution is available.