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Advanced Simulation Lab

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The Advanced Simulation Lab aims to improve processes, methods and tools for decision making in complex and uncertain domains where stakeholders have differing perspectives, or no optimal solution is available.

The SMART Advanced Simulation Lab uses a combination of numerical modelling, geospatial analysis, agent-based simulation, system dynamics, participatory modelling, computational social science, and machine learning tools to tackle issues emerging from social-urban-environmental interactions. The Lab builds, maintains and facilitates a unique toolbox of methods that researchers, policy-makers, and communities can apply to ask better questions, look at problems from multiple perspectives, and see and understand the systems that surround them. The Advanced Simulation Lab also offers both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality systems as well as designing models for training and education. The Advanced Simulation Lab supports SMART's vision of promoting society’s capacity to address problems involving complexity, uncertainty and conflict and expand collaboration in urban resilience and sustainability science.

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Last reviewed: 16 November, 2018