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Vision Illawarra

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A dynamic regional planning tool


Recognising the need for more integrated approaches to local and regional planning, SMART has developed Vision Illawarra, a web-based regional dashboard created to enable evidence-based planning and integrated development across the Illawarra.

The first of its kind in Australia, Vision Illawarra combines a public dashboard as well as a private subscription modelling platform. The online dashboard is a next-generation model providing a more transparent and dynamic vision of how the social and economic fabric of the Illawarra could look in the future with the modelling platform allowing subscribers to explore scenario based models.

Vision Illawarra stems from a regional initiative which partners data providers (Sydney Water, Endeavour Energy, Remondis), tool developers (SMART, RIKS) and information users (NSW Planning, Local Councils) within a Steering Committee that examines data privacy or security issues, and proposes new regional scenarios to be modelled.

Vision Illawarra is not only an innovative planning tool but also a vehicle to bring together regional resources through mutualisation of relevant expertise, existing data and available funding. 


Vision Illawarra Dashboard

Vision Illawarra’s comprehensive dashboard comprises publicly available data including recent economic, demographic, transport and land use figures, as well as the evolution of utility usage over the last ten years (water, electricity, wastewater and solid waste). This data is regularly updated, allowing for robust benchmarking and spatial analyses.

All Vision Illawarra data is curated using big data techniques by the SMART data scientists. Selected datasets are further visualised on the Vision Illawarra platform through charts, graphs and maps with the aim to give users a platform to provide easy access to regional datasets.


Vision Illawarra Modelling Platform

Through a subscription only modelling platform, Vision Illawarra provides a state-of-the-art regional growth model developed with the Geonamica Platform (RIKS, Netherlands). Stepping away from traditional trend analysis, this model integrates demographic, economic, land use and transport dynamics as endogenous processes, allowing for more realistic projections. Modelling outputs from various regional scenarios are available in this section.

The Vision Illawarra modelling platform allows planners and policy makers to utilise Vision Illawarra to understand the holistic change that a planning or policy decision will bring to the regional setting. This enables smarter and strategic decisions for the benefit of the region. This information is gathered through five interlinked modules looking at how demographic and economic factors impact and inform land use, regions and transport.

If you would like to subscribe to the Modelling Platform, or contact Tania Brown.



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Dr Fariba Ramezani

Project Lead

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Dr Rohan Wickramasuriya

Telephone: +61 2 4239 2535


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Dr Johan Barthelemy

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Dr Jun Ma

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Dr Bobby Du

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