An online tool for civic engagement during emergency events. is a research project led by the SMART Infrastructure Facility, in collaboration with the Jakarta Emergency Management Agency (BPBD DKI Jakarta) and Twitter Inc.

The Joint Pilot Study for the project was operationally active from December 2014 to March 2015, and PetaJakarta 2.0 launched in December 2015. During this time, the project enabled Jakarta’s citizens to report the locations of flood events using social media network Twitter, thereby contributing to a publicly-accessible real-time map of flood conditions at This data was used by BPBD DKI Jakarta to cross-validate formal reports of flooding from traditional data sources, supporting the creation of information for flood assessment response, and management in real-time.

Through its integration with BPBD DKI Jakarta’s existing disaster risk management (DRM) information ecosystem, the project has proven the value and utility of social media as a mega-city methodology for crowd-sourcing relevant situational information to aid in decision-making and response coordination during extreme weather events.

For residents of Jakarta, has enabled autonomous users to make independent decisions regarding safety and navigation response to the flood in real-time. This social strategy is underpinned by the open source software CogniCity, a framework for urban data that anyone is free to inspect, download and redesign. This open-source ethos and the transparency it facilitates were critical to the success of the joint Pilot Study.

The project was acknowledged by the US Government when their Federal Register cited SMART’s project as an example of best practice for using crowdsourced information in an emergency situation.

This research project and the partnership with Twitter, has had real impact on the ground in Jakarta, making over 2.2 million Twitter impressions during its Pilot Study alone.


  • Develop an understanding of urban resilience in the context of rapid urbanisation and changing infrastructure demands.
  • Capture the interactions between society and urban infrastructure as a function of resilience to change.
  • Quantify probabilistic risks to urban systems as a result of environmental changes.
  • Understand the response of communities to a range of pressures on civic infrastructure.
  • Employ new data sources (such as crowd-sourced, social media information) to analyse resilience patterns.


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