Enhancing Corporate Capability and Service Delivery Through Advanced Geosocial Intelligence

Enhancing Corporate Capability and Service Delivery Through Advanced Geosocial Intelligence

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Boosting innovation and customer service through social listening.

Together with the Faculty of Business, University of Wollongong (UOW), SMART Infrastructure Facility (SMART) is investigating how social listening and engagement can be captured and used to boost innovation and customer service delivery by Hong Kong’s MTR Corporation (MTR).

Utilising SMART’s geosocial intelligence (GSI) capabilities, this project intends to develop a knowledge-sharing platform that captures, organises, and offers opportunities to act on information harvested from MTR’s internal community, and public social networks. This knowledge sharing platform will be delivered in the form of a custom-built suite of applications to suit the corporation’s needs.

A key challenge of this project is to overcome problems associated with employee-led innovation, such as outlier opinions, bias, and bottlenecks. Through developing a crowdsourcing system that uses meta-moderation for quality control, these problems will be resolved, as staff will be given the ability to submit ideas, and evaluate those of their peers. This will result in all submissions being assessed by more than one staff member.

In order to garner the reactions and mood of MTR’s customers, the suite of applications will use GSI practices to harness this information, and deliver it to MTR staff in real-time. This process will enable staff to better prioritise actions and workload, and review and respond to issues in a more efficient manner.


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