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Digital China

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Investigating how digital platforms and technologies are enabling Chinese culture and ideas to reach the world 

While China claims to have the world’s oldest continuous civilisation, its economic influence on the global stage far exceeds its cultural cachet (aka soft power), much to the consternation of government officials and millions of patriotic citizens on the mainland. 

Millions of people living outside the mainland of Chinese heritage are equally patriotic, identifying with the much heralded national ‘rejuvenation’, known as the Chinese Dream.

Over the past decade the government has assisted Chinese culture to go global. Despite this assistance, global consumption of culture remains dominated by powerful Western transnational companies, by western stories and by Hollywood studios.

The Digital China project investigates how digital platforms and technologies are enabling Chinese culture and ideas to reach the world. It argues that while China's global cultural presence has increased it is yet to be seen as an innovative nation. The project examines how the Chinese government’s internet+ strategy is changing power dynamics among political institutions, commercially motivated digital companies, and online communities. Through investigating internationalisation strategies and consumption of Chinese culture on digital platforms in China, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea the project contributes to understanding the implications of China's digital ascendency and the lessons for Australia in the post-resources boom era.

This project investigates the emergence of China's digital media companies and examines their influence in China and in the Asia Pacific. It explores how cultures of innovation are evolving in and around the Chinese market and how these are linked to government cultural trade initiatives. The findings will be presented in conferences, publications and policy briefings and these will provide information for digital companies wanting to operate in China. 

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Last reviewed: 16 November, 2018