George Grozev

George Grozev    


Dr George Grozev, a former principal research scientist with the CSIRO, has joined the SMART Infrastructure Facility as an Honorary Fellow.

For almost two decades, he has specialised in the study of infrastructure in the fields of telecommunications, gas and electricity.

He led a number of multidisciplinary project teams that carried out research and development in the areas of modelling and simulation of high performance infrastructure, energy applications, electricity demand, renewable energy, distributed energy resources (solar PV, batteries and electric vehicles) and sustainable development of electricity and gas markets.

He has sustained research interest and knowledge of the structure and operating principles of the electricity and gas markets, and specifically Australia’s National Electricity Market (NEM). George led the development of NEMSIM and its commercial version – an agent-based modelling and simulation tool of the NEM, which was one of the first to integrate the electricity and gas sectors.

Using this knowledge, he has developed collaborative linkages and provided advice to government and industry. He has lead projects for industry and government clients and other stakeholders. 

Research areas and expertise 

  • Simulation models for energy applications
  • Electricity markets scenario modelling and simulation
  • Agent-based modelling
  • Complex systems science
  • Interdependency, resilience and reliability of infrastructure
  • Linear and nonlinear optimisation and network problems


Academic qualifications

  • PhD, Institute of Engineering Cybernetics and Robotics, 1988, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • B. Engineering Physics, 1981, St Kliment Ohridski University, Sofia, Bulgaria



Last reviewed: 29 August, 2017