Sari Mackay

General Manager, Logistics, Grain Corp. Ltd.

Sari Mackay

Sari M Mackay is a General Manager Logistics, Storage & Logistics in GrainCorp Pty Ltd. GrainCorp was established 1916 and is Australia’s largest Grain Storage and Transport Network on the eastern coast , spreading across the 175 sites, 7 port terminals with total storage capacity of 20mmt. The network is serviced by 17 GrainCorp owned and 11 leased trains, and road freight with transport capacity of up to 4mmt pa.

Sari joined GrainCorp 2013 and has been leading the logistics transformation journey including centralisation of the customer planning and services functions from regional areas to Sydney. Sari’s key area of responsibilities include road and rail freight, risk management, continuous improvement and planning, state customer planning and stock management divisions.

Sari is a multilingual, well-rounded senior supply chain professional with 20 years of experience in Australian and European senior supply chain and management consultant roles at GrainCorp, BlueScope Steel, Unilever and Arnott’s to mention few.

Sari finished her undergraduate and graduate studies in LUT, Finland, completing her Msc. In Business Economics, 1997. Her thesis was examining Buying Behaviour in the Australian Mining Industry Projects.

Last reviewed: 30 October, 2018