Nam Huynh

Nam Huynh

Position Honorary Fellow



Nam Huynh is a Honorary Fellow in the area of modelling and simulation of transport systems. He has vast experience in modelling and simulation for transport planning and operations research, and has been actively working in the areas since 2009. He has been chief investigator in various commercial research projects in urban transport planning and rail logistics in collaboration with both government agencies and private sectors in New South Wales (Australia). Nam is currently the leader of the research group Computer Simulation for Sustainable Transport Systems at the SMART Infrastructure Facility. The group’s research aims at enhancing the understanding of capacity and robustness of transport networks and promoting the application of sophisticated computational tools for better planning and operation of these networks.

Nam’s research interests include the use computational modelling for urban transport planning, operations research, and intelligent transport systems (ITS).

Research Areas and Expertise

  • Mathematical modelling and simulation
  • Finite element analyses of mechanical and structural systems
  • Agent based modelling

Academic Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Aeronautical Engineering), 2004, HCMC Vietnam National University, Vietnam
  • Master of Engineering Practice (Mechatronics), 2005, University of Wollongong, Australia
  • PhD (Mechanical Engineering), 2010, University of Wollongong, Australia


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Last reviewed: 24 April, 2017