Tomas Holderness

Tomas du Chemin Holderness

Position Honorary Fellow



Dr. Tomas Holderness is a Honorary Fellow at the SMART Infrastructure Facility, University of Wollongong. He previously held a position at the facility as Geomatics Research Fellow, in which his research focused on the use of geospatial analysis, Earth observation, and network modeling techniques applied to urban infrastructure resilience and Earth systems engineering. In collaboration with colleagues from Newcastle University (UK), Dr Holderness developed a pioneering spatio-topological database schema for encoding, modelling, and analysing spatial infrastructure networks, and their interdependencies. He has successfully applied this framework to model sanitation networks in rapidly-urbanising developing regions of Africa using crowd-sourced data and volunteer geographic information. This work provided novel insight into the infrastructure challenges faced by developing nations, and allows the calculation of long-term operating costs of different improved sanitation network options.

Before joining SMART Infrastructure Facility, Dr Holderness worked as a spatial modeller for the Geospatial Engineering Research Group at Newcastle University (UK) and was responsible for the development of an open-source integrated modelling environment for urban systems research. He developed a prototype framework that allowed the integration of models to create processing flow-lines and statistical ensembles for land-use change modelling. Prior to this research, Dr Holderness’ PhD thesis analysed long time series thermal Earth observation data to quantify intra-urban spatio-temporal temperature dynamics in Greater London, UK.

Research Areas and Expertise

  • geospatial analysis
  • spatial database design
  • network analysis
  • spatio-temporal analysis for urban climate modelling

Academic Qualifications

  • BSc Geographic Information Science (Hons)
  • PhD Geomatics


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Last reviewed: 19 October, 2016