Matthew Berryman

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Position Honorary Senior Fellow


Dr Matthew Berryman has a strong background in hardware and software, as well as in the area of complex systems. Dr Berryman has designed a compute cluster for research purposes and assists researchers with making effective use of high performance computing. He has managed a number of research/computing teams through his work, including a team of 10 researchers, data mining experts, statisticians and programmers in the Sydney modelling project.

He has been the IT Architect for the project, using best practice software development, testing, and automation techniques to deliver a stable, Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosted platform for real time flood mapping of social media and emergency services data in Jakarta, as used by the Jakarta public and authorities. In that project he developed AWS Internet of Things (IoT) water level sensors, and is now working on other IoT projects at the University of Wollongong.

Research areas and expertise

  • IT architecture and cloud deployment of data fusion and data analytics platforms
  • Agent-based modelling of mixed socio-technical systems
  • Statistical analysis and visualisation of data, particularly large scientific and engineering data sets to achieve greater understanding of complex systems
  • Developing and deploying Internet of Things devices and software

Academic qualifications

  • PhD (Complex Systems Modelling and Analysis), 2003, University of Adelaide, Australia
  • BEng (Hons) (Computer Systems Engineering), 2002, University of Adelaide, Australia
  • BSc (Mathematical and Computer Sciences), 2001, University of Adelaide, Australia


  • Invited plenary speaker at the Amazon Web Services Public Sector Summit (Canberra 2016)