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SMART recently hosted our 2nd Annual Infrastructure Business & Policy Dialogue. The theme 'Getting more value for Taxpayers Dollars’ is one whose time has come. This has been an important focus for SMART, as we have been concerned about the nations’ progress with lifting infrastructure efficiency and lowering costs. We are very pleased to see our work has been important in shaping the national debate over the past 12 months.

The event attracted high profile presenters and delegates, all showing a commitment to improving the delivery of infrastructure and providing better value to the taxpaying public.  

The Infrastructure Business and Policy Dialogue 2014 Communique is now available. To receive further updates, please join our mailing list


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Simulation: Using the latest scientific simulation tools to plan more liveable and productive cities and regions


Modelling: Using state of the art integrated land use and transport modelling tools to inform policy makers of the full range of infrastructure options


Analysis: Evidence based 'what if' scenarios to identify and support best possible infrastructure futures


Research: Can we build infrastructure to meet the needs of twice today's population with half the resources and twice the liveability? Factor 8


Teaching: Equip the next generation of infrastructure leaders to adapt and respond to radical social and technological change
The key to a better future is to engage the community AND POLICY MAKERS about planning, the future and how we meet their needs
the core of our research is to understand the critical interconnections AND interdependencies of the infrastructure network and the importance of feedback effects