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About Us

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The SMART Infrastructure Facility is the national centre for infrastructure solutions. SMART stands for ‘Simulation, Modelling, Analysis, Research and Teaching’.

SMART recognises that large scale infrastructure investments in Australia and public policy development must be based on rigorous, evidenced-based research. 

The Australian community has an expectation that our cities and regional centres benefit from long term, holistic and strategically planned infrastructure. This requires a national perspective of the infrastructure system, and to bring together the disparate parts of the system, whether it is transport, energy, water, telecommunications to understand and analyse their inter-dependencies and inter-connections.

The SMART Infrastructure Facility's mandate is to provide the data and analytical capability to successfully create and execute a national integrated infrastructure plan for Australia. The SMART National Data Centre will provide an e-research capability and collaboration with infrastructure planners, designers and researchers to better understand urban and regional development and model future growth of Australian metropolitan and regional communities.

An important element of SMART's mandate is to increase the community's participation in the formation of integrated infrastructure planning.

Key focus areas

SMART provides strategic advice, research and skills training across the whole infrastructure industry and in particular:

  • National and whole of city planning and infrastructure management including scenario analysis, modelling and visualisation of infrastructure systems and human interaction
  • Implications and consequences affecting livability and the infrastructure systems as our cities grow and sustain higher population densities
  • Large scale infrastructure investment, including better use of existing infrastructure through new technologies and sequencing of greenfield investments to best meet national priorities
  • Enhancing infrastructure resilience to support continuity of service to the community and business. The SMART National Data Centre will seek to provide deeper knowledge and real time actionable intelligence of key interdependencies and connections in the infrastructure system
Paul Oppenheim - Portrait"The SMART Infrastructure facility is proof of the maturing infrastructure sector in Australia.  It is a world-class institution that will quickly become a thought leader and respected voice in public policy debate”.

Paul Oppenheim - Managing Director, Plenary Group and SMART Advisory Council member

The SMART Infrastructure Facility also features the Rail Institute that is committed to integrated multi-modal transport research. It will support the capabilities that will underpin the next generation of passenger and freight logistics tasks in Australia.

SMART has been made possible through $35 million in funding from the Federal Government, $16m from the University of Wollongong and $10 million from the NSW Government, through RailCorp.

Fast figures


  • $61.8 million investment
  • $35 million from the Federal Government
  • $10 million from the NSW Government

The SMART Infrastructure Facility 

  • Four-storey research and teaching building
  • 12,000 m2 floor space
  • 30 state-of-the-art laboratories connected by national simulation and data centre
  • Up to 150 research staff
  • 200 higher degree research students
  • Opened in 2011
Last reviewed: 27 July, 2012